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Our young people represent the future of Routt County. When we invest in their education we invest in our continued prosperity.


Research shows that students who reach the third grade able to read are far more likely to succeed in middle school, graduate high school, and go on to college.


We focus on third grade literacy because it gives us a sense of the health of our education system while also ensuring that we identify student needs in time to make a positive difference.


We focus on eighth grade math because it most accurately predicts a child’s success in college and beyond. In other words, if a child has received the relevant math education and training by eighth grade, two things become much more likely. First, that child will have a higher likelihood of going to college. And second, that child will likely be more successful in high school, college, and careers beyond.

In the 2022-23 school year, 45.6% of third grade students across the county’s three districts were proficient in literacy, and 39.5% of eight grade students across the county’s three districts were proficient in math.

Is your child struggling in school?

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