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Who are we? 

We are a group of committed leaders who are working together to ensure that those that live and work in Routt County thrive. Routt County: Better Together is guided by the Human Resource Coalition (HRC) Routt County Dashboard Subcommittee.

Are you struggling to live and work in Routt County?

Explore resources available to you throughout the county


What is a community dashboard?

A community dashboard shares publicly available data and information about life outcomes that matter most to a community. By focusing on a few important measures, institutions and community members can work together to define what success looks like and make informed choices about how to make progress. The Routt County life outcomes were selected based on research, input from the community and existing plans. No one institution can improve outcomes by themselves, but when we work together we can make real improvements to things that matter most to the people of Routt County.

Why focus on those who “live and work in Routt County?”

Many people appreciate what Routt County has to offer. The qualities that are enjoyed by those who visit or retire here – such as (name a few key aspects) – are defined by the people who give their labor, hospitality, culture, and love to help make Routt County a premier destination. If we want to preserve and improve on what makes us great, we must help build a better county for the people who live here, work here, and raise children here.

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